About our Trust Account Auditing Service

Well in this section we will not boast of our achievements and vast experience of our Qualified Auditors but will briefly list the value we offer to our clients engaged for our professional auditing services. The things have been listed in a plain layman’s term but if you are still not sure of anything then we are just a phone call away.

We appreciate for you to call on 1300 2 A U D I T (1300 228 348 ) and discuss your requirements and giving us the opportunity to provide our Auditing services at an affordable price. Our trust account auditors provide an independent assurance on the operation of the trust accounts.


How our Trust Account Auditing Services Can Help You?

Every Trust Account Audit undertaken by our Audit team will go through following steps in providing a quality audit report.

  •  Independent Assurance on the operation of the trust account
  •  The practices and procedures are reviewed with every visit
  •  Clients Internal Controls are evaluated and reviewed
  •  The scope of the audit will be discussed prior to the audit
  •  The identification of the potential issues with the trust account are discussed
  •  An independent audit and assurance report is provided annually
  •  Business Systems are reviewed and suggestions for improvements are given
  •  Risk Management Solutions are provided
  •  Optimization of time, money and resources are discussed

Our professional staff with their experience across a range of industries will provides their auditing service in a timely and effective manner without unnecessary hindrance to your staff.

The whole aim of the auditing exercise is to provide a quality audit report at an affordable price.

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