We provide trust account audit services at an affordable price. Due our streamline policies and procedures our audit team is more productive and cost effective leading to passing these savings to our clients.

We pride in offering our greatest strengths of offering our Trust Account Audit Services to our clients at an affordable price from $550+ GST. (This price includes One Onsite and two unannounced visits/audits as per legislation)

 The above price for a quality Audit Report along with the Onsite and two unannounced visits/audits is a great value to any professional operating a Trust Account Audit. The above price is result of our best practice approach and the experience in auditing the Trust Account Audit.  It will only be in consultation with our clients that we increase our fees above this price.

We encourage offering our professional Trust Account Audit Services to large volume audit engagements and are happy to discuss and negotiate fees appropriately.

Please email us at info@trustaudits.com.au or call us on 1300 2 A U D I T (1300 228 348 ) to speak with one of our qualified trust account auditors for an appointment and benefit from our experience.

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